Quilts by Elena  latest update:4/9/2013
Quilts carry you through the travels of life on threads of love.

20% off for ALL Active Duty Military Families
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Greetings from austin, texas!! After spending the
last 15 years in gorgeous, green north carolina,
we decided it was time to move to god's country,
the great state of texas!!

ALL of the quilts you see on my website can be
closely duplicated in fabrics similar to those
shown or in fabrics of your choice.
Ordering a quilt is as easy as 1 2 3!
1. Send me an email (elena@quiltsbyelena.com) so
we can discuss Quilt pattern, color choices and
quilt sizes. Our emails will serve as our written

2. Payment can be sent through Paypal or with
a cashier's check, 1/2 due upfront and the
remaining 1/2 upon completion.

3. You will receive a photo of your quilt by
email when the quilt is completed and the quilt
will be mailed when payment has been received.
All quilts will be fully insured and carefully
packed for shipping.

All of my quilts are made with 100% Quilt shop
cotton and are quilted by me with love. I have
been sewing for close over 40 years and
quilting for over 30 years. I have won numerous
awards for my quilts from local quilt shows in
NC and from the NC state fair.
TEXAS Rag Quilt, 45" sq., $140
Original Design, Reverse is same as front
Email me if you would like one
made for you!
Can be made larger, too!
My dear son, James, returning
home from his first deployment.
Yes, he IS tall and yes, he IS a
USS Providence, SSN 719
Modern Pineapple Quilt, $140
58" square
(above) Spicy Spiral Table Runner, 24" x 36", $50
A very dramatic addition to your table!
Can be made in any combination of
 8 different colors.
(above) Confetti,
40" sq., $120
A great quilt for children of any age!
(above) Welcome Home
Table Runner, 18" x 44", $50
Warm, rich colors with a modern feel
(below) USA Patchwork Map Quilt,
23" x 36", $150
Colorful and Fun!
Also available as a pattern so you can
make your own! $10
(above) Our World Patchwork Map Quilt
37" x 49", $120
Also available as a pattern
so you can make your own! $10
(above) Padre Island
48" x 60", $180
(above) Big Bold Baby Hexagons Quilt
36" x 50", $100
Can be made to order with the
background color of your choice!
(above) Spirals Quilt TOP (not quilted)
48" x 57", $90
48" x 54"
Pattern is